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Shafiqul Islam Jibon: Are you looking for the top education consultant in Bangladesh? The Global Study Consultancy is the best and honect study abroad consulting firm in Dhaka of Bangladesh.

Top Education Consultant in Bangladesh

Finding an honest education consultant is a challenge. You need to become cleaver and some basic knowledge about the consultancy. If you know the basic you can easily identify who is the top education consultant in Bangladesh. I suggest do some home work and get ideas about the educational consultancy. How a consultant work and what the general procedures about study abroad. Once you have some knowledge then you can get ideas who can provide you the best assistance.

You should also point out why should you assign a good consultant for your higher studies abroad. All students are not the same. They come from different background. So, their needs are also different. Some students may need just the support for applying for student visa.

But some other students may need whole procedures from applying to universities, applying for visa to embassies, airport pick up, etc. Once you have the ideas then talk with some top educational consultants. Among the leading consultants choose the one who can work as your top education consultant in Bangladesh.

How honest is your consultant

Not all Bangladeshi education consultants are not honest. But some of the consultants are really doing good. You need to justify in many ways to know how honest is your top educaion consultant is. In this case we can suggest you to see how the consultants behave with the money issues. Are they asking the tuition fees in cash to deposit with the consultants? Is there any money matter that is not realistic or they do not like to disclose all information?

If you see that the consultant is trying to hide some information, then you should not trust them as your top education consultant in Bangladesh.

Suppose the Global Study Consultancy never hold any type of tuition fees or deposit in the name of universities. Always you need to transfer the money directly to the university’s bank account from your own or parents acounts. We will just guide you about the payment procedures. Also we would never hold your original documents with us like the passport or academic certificates and transcripts.

Visit websites for Global Study Consultancy to know more

However, if you like us to work as your consultants to study abroad. We will do our best with the full honesty and transparency. We are always committed to up hold our ethical values in education consultancy in Bangladesh. Please have a look into our websites to know more about us. Our websites links and Please feel free to fill our contact form if you have some questions.

We are also located in the heart of Dhaka city. We do not have any other branch. All of our operations run from headquater. The office address is ”Advanced Melinda, 72 Malibagh, DIT Road, Dhaka-1217, Bangladesh”. You can also reach us on WhatsApp number: +8801710581006 or Cell phone number: +8801784619792. If you like to visit our office that would be very convenient to come from any part of the Dhaka city or country. Our google map also can show you a easy rout to discover and directions to our office.