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can i study abroad without ielts

Shafiqul Islam Jibon: study abroad without IELTS from Bangladesh? Yes, it is possible to study without IELTS in many countries. But as student we suggest to test your English proficiency so that you can obtain chances to study at good universities.

Study Abroad without IELTS from Bangladesh

Can I study abroad without IELTS? Some time we receive this question from many students. They want to know which countries are the good options to study if they do not have IELTS test score. Actually it depends on the country and university you are applying. Some time it is also possible to study without IELTS if you have a degree from English speaking country. Some universities also assess the students English in internal process. Like the university can take interview to get ideas about the proficiency of English.

But generally the most universities of maximum countries like to confirm that the students level of English in a internationally recognized testing system.  IELTS and TOEFL are the mostly used to test English level of international students.

However, the Global Study Consultancy can guide a student about proper ways to apply to the universities. Firstly we will see the choice of a student. Most of the universities from developed countries like Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany require a good score in IELTS. There is some exception to obtain acceptance letter without IELTS based on previous education.

Second language test beside of IELTS

If you want to study in China, Russia, India and some European countries it is posssible to study without IELTS. Some universities can take your interview for basic ideas about English. Suppose if you like to study in Portugal, Hingary, Lithuania, Czech Republic some English interview may sufficient. Also Some universities from Germany, Fance, Russia can see your command in their local language to meet the admission requirements.

Suppose if you like to study in a bachelor program in Germany or Russia, the taught program could be mixed in English and local language. In that case you should have both ceiticates of language proficiencies.

ESL courses as alternative to study abroad without IELTS

The ESL courses are used as alternative of IELTS. ESL means English as Seconda Language. You can study abroad without IELTS if you study an English language course for first few months. You can apply without IELTS and you can get the conditional acceptance to complete the ESL course before starting the main proram. It takes extra duration and cost to complete your higher studies. The duration of the ESL course depends on actual proficiency level of a student. After arrival at the campus the university staff will review your English and set the course dutation to complete prior the main course of studying.

If you agree with the ESL course and condition sets by the university,  you can also study abroad without IELTS in many countries. Most of the universities in Canada, USA, UK, Australia and others offer the ESL courses to international students. The Global Study Consultancy can also help you with such admission to any country of studying.

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