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Register for IELTS Bangladesh

Shafiqul Islam Jibon: If you need some help to register for IELTS Bangladesh? The Global Study Consultancy can helo you about the regsitration procedures for IELTS test in Bangladesh.

Register for IELTS Bangladesh with Global Study Consultancy

Some students ask us to help with the registration process for IELTS in Bangladesh. May be they have little ideas where, when and how to do it. If you need any assustance about it, we can help. We also can tell you when should you take the IELTS test and submit to the universities or colleges for admission. Some students do not know if they will apply for admission after getting the IELTS certificate or they can apply for admission before getting it one. Like this we face many questions about IELTS from the students.

The Global Study Consultancy does not arrange IELTS or any language test itself. But we can also guide where and how to book a date for the test. However, we can provide basic ideas about the test system, venues, registration fees, etc. It is quite a simple work. But some stuents do not know exactly what to do with it. The Global Study Consultancy can help you to complete your IELTS registration and test step by step without taking any consultancy fees.

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The Global Study Consultancy is working for overseas admission and visa for Bangladshi and other international students since June 2013. If you like to study abroad, we can also help to get accetance from the reputed universities and colleges from your desire countries. The Global Study Consultancy is working for the foreign education in the USA, Canada, most European countries including the UK, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Australaia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, China, India, Thailand, Russia, Japan and many more.

If you need this help, please contact us now. Please also visit our websites to know more details about us. Our websites links are and

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