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Shafiqul Islam Jibon: Are you planning to study abroad from Bangladesh? The Global Study Consultancy can provide you the best counselling about your planning.

Plannin to Study Abroad

Some students exactly don’t know what to do in current situation as most countries has shut the door for international students. Flights are off for the uncertain period. The universities are and the embassies are also reluctant to take fresh students in coming months. But I think for the students who really intends to study abroad, they should make a good planning now. So that they can take the necessary step once the situation improved or goes normal for everything. The Global Study Consultancy can help you with a better planning to study abroad.

Selecting a country for higher studies;

I want to mention about the potential countries for higher studies. If you are planning to study abroad. It is vital and important part during your brainstorming. You should avoid gossip or discuss with all type of friends as much as you can about your planning. You should keep your study plan among with your close family members, even sometime I suggest to ignore your siblings until you have finalized your decision after discussing with parents. Always you need to take onion and farm decision of your parents, especially who is taking financial supports from family.

If you have sponsor other than parents or family members, you can do the same with the person or organization who is giving you money. Why should you maintain a personal secrecy about your study abroad planning? is quite a big issue to write it down in this short article. But in a few words, I can just mention the most important point which is that it will create some hazards in your brainstorming.

Avoiding gossip with friends;

One of the biggest hazards could be the miss guided with many ideas from different friends or people. Suppose if you say about Canada, some of your friends can suggest you about USA, UK or somewhere else. That means as much as will share your planning, your mind can be changed for many times. It will kill your time and also too many confusions in your study abroad dreams.

To consider a country, you should focus again on your mind that why should you study in a particular country. What are the benefits they provide to international students, how friendly to overseas students are they, their culture, language, society, tuition fees, living cost and life standard, quality of education and its recognition, what type of job or career prospects their education shows after completion the degree, etc. Some students also like to think about the part time and full-time job and settlement opportunities after graduation.

What you going to study apart of planning to study abroad;

This is also another important area that you need to fix in your study plan. You should think about your previous education, skill and knowledge. Some foreign universities have flexible options to select the course. Even you can get admission in some science and engineering programs if you do not come from science and core mathematical knowledge. But you should think of your own which skill and knowledge already you gained from past education.

It will not only help to complete your degree timely, but also save your money. If you do not come from proper background of education, your results or progress could be hampered and extend your period of studying. That means your total period of study and money will be up.

Admission and visa requirements for planning to study abroad

Once you have selected the country and the university for higher studies. You need to check their admission and immigration requirements. Both requirements are different and no one is generally relevant to each other. For the admission, generally the university will ask academic documents, certificate of language proficiency like English, German, French, application fees if required, statement of purpose or motivational letter, references, etc.

The universities in some countries can also ask some attested and apostilled documents from the ministry of foreign affairs, embassies etc. It depends on the country and university you are going to study in. Once you are accepted from the university, then you need to check the requirements for immigration or visa. For both the requirements, you should make some research and study on the universities and embassies websites.

If you assign an educational consultant, then he or she can also guide you with proper and timely information. We suggest to take support from a consultancy so that you can manage the procedures step by step timelier and smoothly as every step is important and link with the following steps until you arrive at your campus.

Thinking about accommodation in planning to study abroad

You need to see if the universities are also providing the suitable accommodation or hostel facilities to international students. Need to check their fees structure and if you can afford. If the universities have no dormitories, then you need to check also the accommodation facilities near the campus. Some embassies like to see that your accommodation is arranged on campus or near the universities. Sometime the distance from the accommodation to campus could be also very sensitive question by the visa officers. So you should also be careful to arrange your accommodation.

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