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new zealand admission bangladesh

Shafiqul Islam Jibon: The Global Study Consultancy is tht best and honest agency for New Zealand admission Bangladesh. If you are planning to study in New Zealand, please contact us now for your admission and visa.

New Zeland Admission Bangladesh with Global Study Consultancy

New Zealand is one of the safest countries in the world. It is also beautiful. With excellent study opportunities and world-class education. It has also become one of the most attractive destinations for international students. Due to its low cost of living and exclusive facilities. The large number of international students choose to study in New Zealand. The Global Study Consultancy in Dhaka of Bangladesh is proud to work for many reputed universities in New Zealand.

The Global Study Consultancy is also the best consulting agency in Bangladesh for sudent immigration to New Zealand. If you are really interested to study in that beautiful country, please contact us for your New Zealand admission Bangladesh now.

Top Universities in New Zealand admission Bangladesh

Universities and Institutions in New Zealand are internationally recognized and accepted. New Zealand’s qualifications are also highly regarded by employers in the world. All 8 New Zealand Universities have found place in QS World Rankings 2018. These universities are the University of Auckland and University of Canterbury.

The Victoria University of Wellington and University of Waikato. The Massey University and University of Otago. The Lincoln University and Auckland University of Technology. However, the Global Study Consultancy is also working at some other good colleges and institutions in New Zealand. If you are also planning to send your school going children in New Zealand, we can also help.

Tuition Fees & Expenses in New Zealand

New Zealand is the perfect study abroad destination for international students due to its lower annual tuition fees and low cost of living for many courses. The living expenses in New Zealand are also cheaper than other study abroad destination like Canada, UK, the U.S and Australia. Fresh Food, accommodation options and transport facilities are easily available at affordable costs in the country.

Approximate Cost of the Course at Universities: Undergraduate – $18000 – $25000, Post Graduate – $25,000 – $40000, Approximate Cost of Living: NZ $ 12,000 – NZ $ 15,000 per annum

Quality Education

The New Zealand education system is also based on the British education model. New Zealand’s higher education programs are well known for their quality of teaching and advanced facilities. The government of New Zealand has also an excellent quality assurance systems to monitor and ensure quality education. Students can also immensely benefit with their practical oriented education and excellent teaching standards to study in New Zealand.

Study in New Zealand admission | Flexible Requirements

New Zealand Universities have also minimal entry requirements for many programs. There is not much competition to get admission in a university whether it is bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or postgraduate diploma courses in New Zealand. Students with passing marks and moderate grades can study there easily. Also, there is no age bar to study in New Zealand.

The international students seeking admission in New Zealand Universities can pay the tuition fee after they get student visa approval for New Zealand. The Global Study Consultancy is ready to provide you the best immigration service to study in New Zealand.

Safe and Stability

New Zealand is a safe and stable country with a very nice lifestyle. Acc. to Global Peace Index 2017, New Zealand is the second safest peaceful and safe country out of 163 countries in the world. New Zealand has political stability and low crime rate. The people in New Zealand accept and respect other cultures and welcome international students warmly in the country irrespective of religion, caste and gender.

New Zealand is also Beautiful Country

New Zealand is a mysteriously fascinating country with extremely beautiful landscapes, mountains, lakes, and unique biodiversity. The anyone who looks for adventure, New Zealand offers great adventure activities. There are always new things to do and enjoy while staying in New Zealand. New Zealand offers the best of both the worlds- city and country life. You can access all the modern amenities and facilities of city life while enjoying the beauty of countryside.

Studying and working in New Zealand

Students want to work while studying to meet their living expenses and get experience. Students studying in New Zealand can work while studying. With student visa, students can work 20 hours weekly. You can also work full time during holidays. There are also many part-time opportunities available in sectors like retail, hospitality, banking, finance etc. Some students also find a part-time job in their campuses.

Get New Zealand admission Bangladesh with Global Study Consultancy

The Global Study Consultancy is working for most universities and public insitutions in New Zealand. If you like to study in this beautiful country, please contact us now for more details. We will also tell you about the requirements and procedures to apply for admission and visa.

Global Study Consultancy is located at the Advanced Meliinda in 72 Malibagh, DIT Road of Dhaka-1217 in Bangladesh. You can also get all details on our websites: and

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