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best way to study abroad from Sylhet

Shafiqul Islam Jibon: The Global Study Consultancy is the best way to study abroad. If you are a student and like to study at good universities and colleges in different countries. We can provide you the best way to study abroad without any financial deal or contract.

Best Way to Study Abroad

Are you a potential international student of Bangladesh? The Global Study Consultancy can show you best way to study abroad. We have helped many students to study abroad. If you are student like to get admission at good universities we can provide you the best assistance. We would also like to help you with the proper documentations for visa.

Hoever, Sylhet one of the divissions of Bangladesh. It is also the main city of that divission. Sylhet is also a beautiful city of north eastern part of Bangladesh. The People are so friendlt, gentle, cultured and hospitable. They enjoy their life in many colorful ways. Personally I have visited the Sylhet city for many times. All the experience are really remarkable. I have some good friends and wellwishers from Sylhet.

Many students from Sylhet are going to abroad for higher studies in every year. Most of the countries have international students. They are highly contributing on Bangladesh’s education, economy, culture and many more. the Students from Sylhet are also good ambassador in foreign countries of Bangladesh.

About our service

For our service your physical presence to our office is not mandatory. We also know it is not possible to visit Dhaka very often for all students. But we would be happy to see you in our office if you like to come in your convenient. However, you may have to come to Dhaka on the day for submission your visa application to embassy, as students generally require to submit their papers in person, providing biometric or interview.

We are also able to prepare you with the procedures step by step support for study abroad to many students. You just need to follow our regular emails, provide the required documents and information, making some important correspondence over telephone or Whatsapp, attending some video conference through WhatsApp or Skype.

Where the Global Study Consultancy is located:

The Global Study Consultancy is also located in the prime areas of Dhaka city. It is very convenient to reach our office from any part of the city or country. Our office address is the Advanced Melinda, 72 Malibagh, DIT Road, Dhaka-1217.

You can call us at this mobule number 08801784619792 or WhatsApp +8801710581006. We will promprtly reply if you email to or You can also know more details about us if you visit our websites: or

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