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Why Study Abroad with Global Study Consultancy

why study abroad with global study consultancy

Shafiqul Islam Jibon: Why study abroad with Global Study Consultancy? The Global Study Consultancy is the best and honest educational consulting agency in Dhaka, Bangladesh. You should take consultancy services from this firm for many reasosn. Study this little article to know more.

Why Study Abroad with Global Study Consultancy

The Global Study Consultancy has fresh reputation as honest and transparent consulting firm in Bangladesh. The educational agency is opering its services from the heart of Dhaka city. It is very convenient to reach us from any part of the city or country. The office and its environment is sophisticated. All consultants are highly educated from overseas universities. They are experts in world education system.

The Global Study Consultancy also never deal or make any type of financial contract to get its service. We also do not hold any original documents from students. All of our students get equal treatment from our education consultants. They are also very friendly. They seriously maintain a set of moral principles in their conducts. Our ethical values will attract any one once you meet us in the office. That is why study abroad with Global Study Consultancy in Dhaka of Bangladesh.

Study Abroad in Top Countries with Global Study Consultancy

The Global Study Consultancy is working for most potential countries of the world. We have collaborations with the reputed universities in top countries. Our agency is working for the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, NewZealand and many more. For other countries in Europe you can study abroad with Global Study Consultancy for France, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Netherlands and Sweden. You can also study abroad with the agency in Czech Republic, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Estonia, etc. If you like to study in Russia or Ukraine we can also help.

The Global Study Consultancy has also collaborations with the universities in China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and India. Many Bangladeshi students are travelling to these countries for higher studies in every year. So, if you want to go to abobe countries for studying, we can provide you the best assistance for admissions and visa.

Office Address and Contact Details

The Global Study Consultancy located at the Advanced Melinda of 72 Malibagh, DIT Road in Dhaka-1217. You can find us more easily if you follow our google map. This will show you easy directons to come to our office. You can also call us at this office phone number: +88-02-222222715. Our mobile phone number is : +8801784619792. We are also using a WhatsApp number which is the +8801710581006.