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why study abroad consultant

Shafiqul Islam Jibon: Sometimes you may think why study abroad consultant needed right? You can ask this question either to yourself or someone who can satisfy you with a perfect answer. I think you can get some ideas if you read this article on Global Study Consultancy.

Why Study Abroad Consultant

The Global Study Consultancy is working for the international students to study abroad since June 2013. During the period of our consultancy, we faced a question from some students why study abroad consultant needed as the student can process their admission and visa to study abroad. I can agree that most of the students have basic knowledge about procedures of overseas admission. Some students can also process their required student visa or study permit. But most of the students feel that they should take a support from an expert educational consultant so that the mission goes perfect on time.

If you choose a right consultant to study abroad. It will easy your procedures timely and smoothly. You will also feel comfort and confidence. The counselling support will also improve your leadership skill and knowledge about the country and university you are going for higher studies. Your consultant will also answer your questions with their expert knowledge. Lack of proper information can adversely impact on your university acceptance and student visa. So, one of the main reasons you should consider which is the true and actual information. You need timely information to take actions timely. The overseas educational consultants like the Global Study Consultancy can also ensure that.

Time Management that is Why study abroad consultant

The procedures for the admission and visa totally go on a time management. So, I suggest to take help from an educated and honest study abroad consultant for the better time management. Everyone will agree that processing of overseas admission and student visa takes a few months. However, t depends on the country and university you select. But generally, it takes two months to a year to complete the procedures. If I specify about the countries like Canada, USA, Australia and some of the European countries, you should start your application procedures at least six months earlier from the commencement date of the courses. If you do not follow the time line and make a plan you may not able to catch the semester to start your studying.

You should bear in mind that the admission and the visa are totally two separate issues. They have also both authorities to accept your studying and visa. But they will not follow the processing time of each other. So, firstly you need to make a plan with the time management. Now you can get idea why study abroad consultant is needed to make the better time management. Your educational consultant like the Global Study Consultancy will help to make a plan so that everything goes right on time. We will guide where to start and where to finish all required steps to study abroad. You should consult us to know more details about the time management or why study abroad consultant needed as it is hard to explain everything in a short article.

Preparing yourself with right documents

You have the documents. But you may have some lacking of knowledge about the requirements and how to gather your documents to apply at a particular university. You should think that the academic certificates, transcripts, English proficiency certificate and the passport may not sufficient to apply. A good personal statement, some recommendation letters, official transcripts, references could be additional requirements for the acceptance of studies. But you may have some knowledge gap about the additional documents and how to complete them. The Global Study Consultancy could be also your best choice to take support for any course specific requirement. We will guide for every important requirement to submit a quality application to the universities. You should keep in mind for an acceptance from a reputed university depends on a quality application.

Taking expert support for visa from study abroad consultant

Similarly, the student visa or study permit is also a vital part for higher studies abroad. If you are a student from Bangladesh, it is also very important to gather right documents to apply for visa. All the students from Bangladesh. must be aware that the acceptance letter is not enough for the visa. It is more important to check each and every information in your application materials than the documents. With any mis information or lack of information could impact on your visa. The Global Study Consultancy will help with reviewing your documents for several times before submission to embassy.

Until we are satisfied with the required documents, we would not suggest to submit your application for visa. So, you should take assistance for your visa as well from an educated and honest study abroad consultant like the Global Study Consultancy in Dhaka of Bangladesh.

However, the Global Study Consultancy is working for the overseas admission in many countries of the world. We have direct collaborations with the reputed universities in Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and many others. In Europe we are also working for Sweden, Norway and Switzerland. Denmark, Netherlands, Spain and France. If you want to study in other European countries like Portugal, Hungary, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria we can also help. The Global Study Consultancy is also working with the universities in China, Malaysia, India, Singapore, Russia etc.

Global Study Consultancy – address and contact details

The office location of the Global Study Consultancy is in very heart of the Dhaka city capital. It is also very convenient to reach us from any part of the city or country. You can also easily find us on the Google map here: Our office address is the `Global Study Consultancy, Advanced Melinda (Level-2), 72 Malibagh, DIT Road, Dhaka 1217, Bangladesh. We strongly suggest to make an appointment with us before come. So that we can protect your time and privacy. You can either call us or email for the appointment.

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