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things to do after student visa

Shafiqul Islam Jibon: What are the things after student visa? Sometime I face this question from our students. I think you can get some ideas if you read this article on Global Study Consultancy’s blog page of the website. It is simple but the students need to follow some important things before travelling to the respective country for higher studies.

Things to do after student visa

What to do after getting the student visa, it depends on the country you are travelling. Different countries have different requirements and rules. All students should know the immigration policies and if the respective university has some instructions before boarding to the flight. If you take the admission and visa services from the Global Study Consultancy, you should not worry about the above rules or the instructions from the university. We will guide you with the things to do after student visa issues from the embassy. Our dedicated team will be in touch until you safely and smoothly arrive in the country and report to the university.

However, you may not our student. But still, you can get some ideas if you process the admission and visa of your own.

Book your accommodation if needed

All the students must follow if the university mentioned any important things after student visa. Suppose you may have to confirm your accommodation before arriving. If you like to stay on campus dormitory, you may have to book your room at least few days in advance from your travel date. If you do not follow this instruction, you may not be allowed to stay in dormitory after arrival. The immigration can also like to see if you have any pre-arranged accommodation. Some countries have strict rules that all international students must confirm their accommodation before arriving in their country.

Confirm your flight apart the things after student visa

It is also mandatory to inform the university in well advance with the confirmed flight itinerary. If you do not send your flight ticket as instructed you may not receive any travel support letter or on arrival assistance from the university. The university also would not ensure your accommodation if you do not provide the flight details at least few weeks or days earlier.

Need to deposit tuition fees before boarding?

Apart of the things to do after student visa, you also must check if the university instructed you to make advance deposit of tuition fees. If you do not meet the condition of paying your tuition fees, the university may not confirm your on-arrival support, accommodation or even the enrollment after arrival. These issues also can make some trouble after arrival at the immigration of respective countries. So, make sure what are the important things to do after student visa for your higher studies.

Follow the rules of Covid-19

The historic pandemic of Covid-19 has created some major challenges for international students. So, the universities are advising their students to follow the Covid-19 rules strongly before flying. You must check any rules of quarantine, vaccinations, etc. You also need to ensure if the university is providing you any support with the travel letter, quarantine hotel booking, airport pick up, etc. If you do not follow the Covid-19 rules, you may not be allowed to enter the country and face the deportation from the immigration after arrival in the country. So, you may have to return home if you do not follow such instruction from the university.

Take all important documents in hand bag apart of the things after student visa

It is also most vital of the things to do after student visa. You must take all the important documents in your hand bag. Some students put their university acceptance letter, medical reports and others in big luggage which is a big mistake. Most of the immigrations of the world like to see if the student is genuine and if they have proper documents during immigration formalities. The immigration officer can check the acceptance letter and medial report carefully. If the student fails to show the documents, it can delay in immigration or lead to deportation to the home country.

Learn about weather, culture and society

One more thing the students also should learn about the weather, culture and society of the country. Your home country’s weather may be different than the country you are going for higher studies. Suppose you may come from the country where you feel hot round the year. But in the foreign country you may feel cold. So, you should take some proper clothes to fit with the weather. You should also learn about the culture and society so that you can smoothly adjust yourself in new environment.

How the Global Study Consultancy can help with the things after student visa

The Global Study Consultancy is working for admission and student visa to study in most potential countries. We have collaboration with many reputed universities, colleges and high schools in many countries of the world. The Global Study Consultancy is working for the United States, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, etc. We have also partner universities in most European countries like France, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Czech Republic, Portugal, and others.

You can take our admission and student visa support for the above countries. You also should not worry about the things to do after student visa issued. We will help you with the all required procedures until you arrive at the campus.

Our office address and contact details

The office location of the Global Study Consultancy is in very heart of the Dhaka city capital. It is also very convenient to reach us from any part of the city or country. You can also easily find us on the Google map here: Our office address is the `Global Study Consultancy, Advanced Melinda (Level-2), 72 Malibagh, DIT Road, Dhaka 1217, Bangladesh. We strongly suggest to make an appointment with us before come. So that we can protect your time and privacy. You can either call us or email for the appointment.

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