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support for duolingo registration

Shafiqul Islam Jibon: Do you need support for Duolingo registration? The Global Study Consultancy can help you with the payment for the registration of Duolingo English test. Online payment system is not available in Bangladesh. You should have an international master or visa card for the payment for Duolingo English test.

Support for Duolingo Registration

Some students may face difficulty to pay for test fees of Duolingo English. After signing up on the portal of Duolingo English, you need to purchase your test online. For buying the test you must have an international payment solution. Suppose if you do not have the international master or visa card, it could be impossible to buy the Duolingo English test. Without the payment the registration would not be successful. So, if you need the support for Duolingo registration, the Global Study Consultancy can also help.

However, the Global Study Consultancy can also help providing a suitable place to complete the test of Duolingo English in Dhaka.  As we can provide you a suitable venue for the test, you will get a good quality computer, high speed broadband internet, quality webcam and the proper sound system. All these logistics you need to complete your Duolingo English and obtain a desire score.

What is Duolingo English?

The Duolingo English proficiency test is another recognized testing system like IELTS, TOEFL and others. This is totally an online or internet-based testing system. It takes about one hour to complete. As the other systems take time and money, the Duolingo is getting popularity day by day. It can save your time and money. It is more convenient to complete the test online. You just need a better computer with proper internet connection, good quality webcam and a card to pay the test fees online. You can expect your Duolingo certificate in two to four working days. Most of the universities in potential countries are widely accepting the Duolingo certificate. It has also eased the path of foreign admission and visa procedures due to the historic pandemic of Covid 19.

However, many students have lacking of proper environment with the logistic supports like computer, internet, webcam and others. Some students told us that they got many errors or rejections from the Duolingo system to complete the tests. They said that they got problem with the lighting, sound and environment. Therefore, they could not complete their test in single seating. They had to pay the test fee again or they totally rejected to take the proficiency test with Duolingo English. Due to inadequate of light in the room, their captured photos went blurry and did not hear the sound properly due to the noise in the room. Finally, they did not obtain the expected score or not happy with the test. Duolingo English test which you can take anytime from anywhere, but the place you are going to use really matter for the good performance or results.

A place is a fact for the Duolingo English test and score

The above problem with the Duolingo English test is increasing day by day. Some students requested us to provide the space to complete the test. We have also realized that we could do something for our students. The problem is now almost solved as the Global Study Consultancy came up with the solution. You can even use our office space for the test without any extra service charge. If you are a student who already registered or willing to take our service for abroad admission, you can complete your Duolingo English test at the Global Study Consultancy without paying any money.

Support for Duolingo Registration and the Test with Global Study Consultancy

If you want to take the support for Duolingo registration and your English test, we can facilitate the both services. We will also provide you a good quality computer with high-speed broadband internet connection. You will also get a quality webcam and proper sound system that you actually need to complete your test. During the test. we will also ensure that you can feel comfort and privacy. If you do not have the cards to pay the Duolingo fees, we can also try to solve this issue. All that you need a room without any noise or sound pollution to get a perfect result of your English proficiency test. We will ensure it. You can use the Global Study Consultancy’s office as your Duolingo English test center or venue in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Global Study Consultancy – Office address and contact details

The Global Study Consultancy is the best and honest study abroad consulting agency in Bangladesh. We are also located in the heart of Dhaka city. It is also very convenient to reach our office from any part of the city or country. Our registered office address is the Advanced Melinda, Level-2, 72 Malibagh, DIT Road in Dhaka 1217. Our office phone number is +88-02-222222715 and mobile number is +8801784619792. You will get easy directions to arrive our office if you follow our google map here: . To know more about the Global Study Consultancy, please visit our websites: or If you use the WhatsApp, you can also contact us through this number +8801710581006.

However, the Global Study Consultancy is working for overseas admission and visa for most potential countries. We work with many reputed universities in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and many more. If you like to study in other European countries like Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, France, Spain and Estonia. You can also take our service to study in Easter Europe like Portugal, Hungary, Czech Republic, Lithuania, etc. The Global Study Consultancy is also working for the admission and visa to China, Russia, Japan, Singapore, India, Malaysia and others.