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how to study abroad from bangladesh

Shafiqul Islam Jibon: Do you want to know about studying abroad from Bangladesh? It is a very common question among our students. They want to know which study abroad consulting agency is also good and honest.We can suggest you the Global Study Consultancy as your best study abroad agency in Bangladesh.

Studying Abroad from Bangladesh

The Global Study Consultancy answer all of your questions, about how to study abroad from Bangladesh. We are also able to help you studying abroad from any ountry of the world. However, to find an honest educational consultant in Bangladesh is really challenging. If you want to assign an honest consultant to assist you with the foreign admission and study visa, you must check few important areas.

Firstly, you should try to know some information from other sources about the quality and standard of the agency you are planning to take your consultancy services. Some references from other students are parents is are also better.

If your agency is situated at the same place for quite a long time, that is also good point that the agency is ethically committed to provide you the best counselling. If the consultants are not good, they like to change their business name and place frequently. In this case we must give an example with the Global Study Consultancy – as the best consultant for studying abroad.

Since establishment of the agency in June 2013, it is operating from the same place with same business name. The Global Study Consultancy can guide you for everything about studying abroad from Bangladesh.

 How to know your agency is good

If the consultants work in the same agency for many years, it also indicates that they are very professional. They are also dedicated to the profession as educational consultants. They have gained knowledge about the world education and immigration system. So, they are expert and you can trust them as your best consultant for abroad study.

Is your educational consultant is honest to study abroad from Bangladesh?

We can also mention two more important issues to know which consultant is best for abroad study. You should see how the consulting firm is behaving about the money matters. How they are transparent and what is the level of their honesty. Ethical values is the core area to justify the best study abroad consultant. Again, we can strongly suggest the Global Study Consultancy to trust.

We also never deal or make any type of financial contract to get our services. You will also feel that you are working as part of the team during processing your admission and visa to study abroad. Our agency also never holds the original documents from a student. It is also vital to know that which consultant is best for abroad study.

Studying abroad from Bangladesh

Commitment is also very important in overseas educational consultancy. There should be vision and a mission as educational consultants. Foreign educational consultancy requires in depth knowledge about the changes of world education system. They also make regular research or studies on immigration rules and policies of a particular country. Which consultant is best for abroad study means how the consultant is well updated about the changes? That means it is a continues process to make research.

To know more about us and Global Study Consultancy please contact us now. We will try our best to make you happy with the best admission and student visa to study abroad. If you make some time to seat with us then you can gain more knowledge about Global Study consultancy and why its consultant is best for abroad study.

Office address for Global Study Consultancy in Bangladesh

The Global Study Consultancy is located in the heart of Dhaka city. It has only one office which runs from its headquarters at the Advanced Melinda in Mouchak circle of Malibagh. The holding number is 72 Malibagh, DIT Road, Dhaka 1217, Bangladesh. You can get more details from our websites: and can also get ideas about our location and directions to come on our google map.

However, if you need to get some more information, please call us at WhatsApp number : +8801710581006 or office number +88-02-222222715. Please also call at this mobile number for any urgent communications +8801784619792.