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money i need to study in canada

Shafiqul Islam Jibon: Education cost in Canada is varities. It depends on the university and courses you are going to study. Would you like to know how much money I need to study in Canada? You can get some basic ideas in this blog post of the Global Study Consultancy in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Money I Need to Study in Canada as Bangadeshi Student

Money is important factor of every student. If you are planning to study abroad in Canada, you should make a financial plannig before taking some steps. We think it is more important to think about how much money should I need before selecting a particular university for studying. Canada is a fast country. It is also greater place of higher education and live. Many of Bangladeshi students are travelling to Canada each year for higher studies. The Global Study Consultancy is also helping to many Bangladeshi students to study in Canada.

In our experience, most students like to know how much money actually they need to study in Canada as Bangladeshi student. As we already mentioned that it will depend on the university and program you like to study.

Generally, for a bachelor program in engineering in Canada starts at around $20,000 CAD. It could be more up to $50,000 CAD. Business, science and other program cost could also defer university to university. Some uiversties in Canada are also providing good education in more affordable fees. You can get more ideas about money I need to study in Canada if you consult with the Global Study Consultancy.

Education Cost at colleges to study in Canada

Most of the colleges in Canada offer two years undergraduate courses or college diploma programs. College programs are more career based. The most important thing is that after completion your college diploma or two years courses, you can start your bachelor of studies from third year at any university in Canada. Thus many international students complete their college programs and then start jobs in Canada. During working they also continue their university education at good universities in Canada.

The yearly tuition fees at most of the colleges starts from $10,000 CAD to $15,000 CAD. Again, it will depend on the college and program you choose to study in Canada. The fees are also seems different to different colleges based on the courses of studying.

There are also some career based colleges around in Canada.You can study in certificate or diploma courses at that colleges. The money I need to study in Canada at that institutiions, will also depend on the fileds of studying.

Money I need to study in Canada for living expenses

The standard set of amount that you need to keep as $10,000 to $12,000 CAD for a year. It could be differ on student’s personal life style. But in most of the cities of Canada, you should have this money to study in Canada for each year. When you will select an university to apply, we will tell you how much money exactly you need to study in Canada at that parucilar university.

We will calculate the sum of money or estimated cost of tuition fees and living based on the actual tuition fees of the university. Our consultants will also let you know the amount you need for living expenses.

The living expenses will set base on the cost of accommodation, meals and local transportations. Some personal expenses are not included in this estimate. Better, come to office of the Global Study Consultancy and we will explain nicely what the amount should you need to study in Canda as Bangladeshi student.

Why Global Study Consultancy

The Global Study Consultancy is the best educational consulting firm in Bangladesh. We are located in the heart of Dhaka city. It is also very convenient to reach our office from any part of the city and country. All of our consultants are friendly. They are also well educated. We never make or deal financial contract to get our servcies. We will try our best to guide you about the best selection of universities and courses of studying in Canada.

The Global Study Consultancy is also honest and transparent. We maintain a high standard in our ethical values. We believe in educaion more than the money. So, every student is safe with us. Parents feel comfort to take our counselling services for their children. Thus, we have earned reputation and faith as honest consultanting agency in Bangladesh. So, we recommend the Global Study Consultancy to take its services to study in Canada from Bangladesh.

Our office, address and contact information

The Global Study Consultancy’s address is at the Advanced Melinda, Level-2, 72 Malibagh, DIT Road, Dhaka-1217, Bangladesh. You can follow our google map for easy directions. Please also feel free to call when you near by our office. Our office phone number is +88-02-222222715. You can also call at this mobile number at any time: +8801784619792. We are also using a WhatsApp number which is +8801710581006.

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