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Improve Your Duolingo English with Global Study Consultancy

improve your Duolingo English

Shafiqul Islam Jibon: Scared about Duolingo English test? Take some basic training and improve your Duolingo English with Global Study Consultancy. We can teach you about the fundamentals and technique about this English proficiency test in a few days. We are sure that your confidence will increase as well as the skill about the test.

Improve Your Duolingo English

The Duolingo English test is another popular method to demonstrate English knowledge. Mostly you need the certain score certification to apply at some universities in different countries. If you like to get acceptance or admission from the universities, you need a minimum sore. However, the Duolingo English test is simple. But there are some technical issues and you should know how to complete the Duolingo test in a time frame. After the registration on Duolingo English portal, you can complete the test in an allocated time. But most students fail to obtain desire score in first or second attempt due to some technical errors during the test. The test is quite simple and easy. But some students face the technical errors as they do not have sufficient skill and knowledge about the Duolingo English. So, they do not obtain the certificate or desire score in their test.

The Global Study Consultancy is here to give you some confidence. We can provide you a short training about the test to improve your Duolingo English, so that you can feel comfort during the test with the confidence. Our consultants will help you as mentor or instructor about how to complete your test in first attempt. They will explain what is Duolingo English and what to do to obtain better score. You will also learn about the test method and formula of the listening, reading writing and speaking part of the test. If you have the basic knowledge about Duolingo English, we are sure that you will get your expected score.

Duration of training for improving your Duolingo English

The actual duration will depend on the level of your English. Firstly, we would like to assess or review your knowledge of current English. Then we would set a duration for the training. Most of our students take three days to five days. We can assure you that the three days training is sufficient to improve your Duolingo English test score. We already mentioned that it is more important to learn about the test formula, system and questions pattern of the test than learning better English to obtain the desire score. In three days training we are going to develop your confidence and knowledge about the test, not making you fully fluent in English. Our aim is to prepare an applicant who wants to seat for the test and get the expected score in first attempt.

Improve your Duolingo English with Global Study Consultancy

The Global Study Consultancy is working for the admission and required visa to study abroad from Bangladesh. We have collaborations with many reputed universities and colleges in different countries. We are working with the universities to study in United States, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, and others. The Global Study Consultancy is also working for the students to study in China, Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, etc.

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The Global Study Consultancy is located in the heart of Dhaka city of Bangladesh. It is very convenient to reach our office from any part of the city or country. Our office address is the ‘Advanced Melinda, Level-2, 72 Malibagh, DIT Road, Dhaka 1217, Bangladesh’. Our office telephone number is +88-02-222222715 and the Cell number is +8801784619792. You can also contact us through this WhatsApp number: +8801710581006. Please feel free to email us if you have some enquiries. The E-mail ID is: and