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Shafiqul Islam Jibon: Are you looking for global study online courses abroad? The Global Study Consultancy can help you with the best admission for online courses are reputed universities around the world.

Global Study Online Courses

Due to pandemic of Covid 19, the dmand of online course got robust. Many reputed universities are offering some good online courses to interntional students to study online. The students can study these courses online. Even some countries especially Canada is an example is also providing same immigration facilities to that students. So that they can get the same benefits in parmanent residency or post study work after graduation. This is an example how the global study online courses are now attractive.

As the situation is worst for the virus, many campuses are not closed. They are also taking classes for their home students online. Now many students from different countries are also enrolling for the online programs. They do not want to waste their time or stay away from studying. So, it is the good options to study some global study online courses from home rather than leaving from studies.

With this view the Global Study Consultancy has came up with the service for global study online courses. If you like to study online then we can manage your admission at reputed universities from different countries.

 Why Global Study Consultancy?

The Global Study Consultancy is working for international admission service Bangladesh since June 2013. We have collaboratons with many reputed universities around the world. Most of our universities and colleges are in top position. All universities and colleges are public and private. Our consultants are also educated and they like to make research on world education and immigration system. So, you can also get always updated information about study online courses, on campus admission and student visa from Bangladesh to study abroad.

They know exactly what to do for your university acceptance and visa. We will provide you the best counselling support for your admission and study visa. You will really get some benefits from our crearive knowledge better preparation of admission and visa procedures.

Most importanly, you should know that we never deal or make any type of financial contract for our service. We also  believe that foreign education service is matter of ethics. So, we would never compromise our ethical values with the money. Based on that honesty and transparency the Global Study Consultancy has also created such standard of foreign education service Bangladesh.

What countries mostly we offer for international admission for on campus or global study online courses?

The Global Study Consultancy is working for most developed countries. It is also able to provide you the assistance for any country of the world. Our agency is working for the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and others. At the same time we are also sending a good number of students to China, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Russia, Japan or Thailand. If you like to study in other European countries we can also help.

You can take our foreign education service in Bangladesh for Portugal, Spain, France, Estonia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Lithuania. Global Study Consultancy is also expert to support international admission and visa services for Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland that means all Scandenavian countries in Europe. All of these coutries have such options to offer global study online courses.

How to contact with Global Study Consultancy

The Global Study Consultancy situated in the heart of Dhaka city. You can contact us in many ways. Also you can reach our office easily from any part of the city or country. Its office location is in Malibagh. Our registerd address is the Global Study Consultancy, Advanced Melinda, 72 Malibagh, DIT Road in Dhaka 1217 of Bangladesh. The office phone number is +88-02-222222715 and cell number is +8801784619792. You can also contact us on Whatsapp number +8801710581006. We will feel happy to answer if you fill this contact form with some questions.

Please visit our websites to know more details about us or foreign education service Bangladesh. Our websites urls are and

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