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Shafiqul Islam Jibon: Ethics is a moral philosophy. It differs person to person. When we talk about the ethics in education consultancy, that is more important conduct in consultants. As the educational consultants are dealing with the education, it must be set in a person.

Ethics in Education Consultancy

First of all, an educational consultant must believe that study abroad consultancy is not a form of business. This is a professional service to help international students. Educational Consultancy should not be treated as trading. It is not good that you can buy or exchange with money. Sometime you need to provide some mental support or counselling so that the students can gain confidence and leadership. After getting basic consultations students should feel that they can solve some critical issues of their own.

How the educational consultants will behave with the students that depends on moral standard or ethics. Some consultants can take the opportunity as business to earn money. Some consultants can think that the honesty and transparency are the vital than earning the money. This type of consultants establishes a set of moral principles in their education consultancy.

If you like to know how your consultants are maintaining the ethical values. You should try to understand them from external sources before directly communicating with them. You can get some reviews from other students and parents. Testimonials and personal reference also can help. You can read their regular educational blog posts to know how they behave and approach about educational consultancy. How much expert they are? If the consultants are dedicated in world educational research. Once you get a basic idea about the study consultancy, you can then contact the agency’s consultants. So, now you can check in your own way how they are serious about the ethics in education consultancy.

Honesty and Transparency

If you want to get knowledge about the ethics in education consultancy. You need to see how honest they are. How they have about money matters you must see. Are they hiding any important information from you? From the first stance if you see that your consultant is making a bridge between you and the universities with a transparent procedure, you can guess that they are honest. If you also see that they are not making any contract or deal to get financial benefits. You can get idea that they are honest educational consultants. A good consultant also prefers to share all required information in open mind.

The Honest consultants will nicely share the information about courses, requirements, tuition fees and payment system, refund policy, etc. Most importantly the consultants would not hold the original documents from any student. They will also not ask to deposit any part of tuition fees with them. They will tell you to make the deposit by bank transfer directly to the university account.

You should also know that none of the universities authorize a consultant to hold the money is cash to the agencies. So, as student you must aware about the money issues between the universities and consultants. So, honesty and transparency are also vital part of the ethics in education consultancy. If you are satisfied with the overall activity or behavior of the consultants, then you can confirm that the consultants are morally influenced by the ethics.

Global Study Consultancy and its values of ethics in education consultancy

The Global Study Consultancy established a set of moral principles in the counselling service. As student you are not only safe with us. But our moral commitment is to serve the nation. We believe that the students are the backbone of a nation. As students you are going to lead our country, we must focus on our moral values to provide this service with pure honesty and transparency. We never compromise this value with money or any benefits from students.

We know that we need some money, but which is very much ensured in a declared and transparent policy. Nothing is hidden in our services. We will not do anything beyond the honesty and transparency. None of students will get any information from us which is sugar quoted or falls. Each of your personal information is well protected in Global Study Consultancy. Every single document that we need to apply for university admission and visa, is secured with us.

Countries we work with ethics in education consultancy

The Global Study Consultancy is working for many countries of the world. We have also collaborations with the reputed universities, colleges and schools in most developed countries. Our agency has the ties with universities in Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, China, India and many more. If you like to study in Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland or Finland we are ready to help. Many of our students are also going to study in other European countries like Spain, France, Portugal, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania or Belgium. If you want to study in Russia, Japan, Thailand or Singapore, the Global Study Consultancy also can help you with its expertise.

Office Location and Address – Global Study Consultancy

The Global Study Consultancy is in Dhaka. Our office is also in a prime place in this capital city of Bangladesh. Our office at the Advanced Melinda, 72 Malibagh, DIT Road, Dhaka-1217, Bangladesh. You can easily reach us if you follow the directions on Global Study Consultancy’s goole map. Our office phone number is +88-02-222222715. Mobile Number is +8801784619792. We are also using a WhatsApp number which is +8801710581006.

To know more about the Global Study Consultancy, please visit our websites: or Please feel free to fill this contact form if you have some questions. Please also visit this webpage if you like to know more details about us and our services. Do you like to visit our Facebook page? Please go to this link: We are open from 9:30am to 7:00pm between Saturday and Thursday. You can also email us if you have some enquiries..

Our office remains close on Fridays and major public holidays. If you like to make an appointment with us on holidays, please feel free to call. We will do our best to set you a time on that days if you need. Due to pandemic of Covid-19, we are also serious to maintain a safety standard. We are wearing mask. Our promises is also clean and sophisticated. We will also expect that you visit our office with the mask as well. If you really looking for the services with the ethics in education consultancy, then we suggest you to consult with the Global Study Consultancy.