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Shafiqul Islam Jibon: Are you looking for the best student consultancy firm in Bangladesh? The Global Study Consultancy is the best and honest study abroad consulting agency in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Best Student Consultancy Firm in Bangladesh

The Global Study Consultancy is working for overseas education since June 2013. We are located in Dhaka. We do not have any other branch. All of our operations run from the headoffice. Our honest global student consultant can provide you the best consultancy services to study abroad. You can determine yourself about your choice. But if you also make a consultation with our team then you can get some suggestions based on your academic profile.

If you really need assistance to study abroad, we are committed to provide you services as the best student consultancy firm in Bangladesh.

Why Global Study Consultancy is the best student consultancy firm?

The Global Study Consultancy is up to date with the world education system as it has dedicated team with honest global education consultant in Bangladesh. Our foreign education consultants has expert knowledge about the immigration policies of different countries. We know some creativities about preparing a good application for admission and student visa. We will work in the view of an immigration officer.

That will make a sense in your presentation and application procedures. we will help what are the core areas that you need to improve to maximise your chances of university acceptance and visa.

Most importantly, we have maintain a values about honesty and transparency. You will get a higher standard in ethical values in Global Study Consultancy. We would also never comprise our values with the money. Our education consultancy for global education never deal or make any type of financial contract to get our services to study abroad. If you really want to go for overseas  higher studies in your chosen country, then we must recommend our student consultancy firm in Bangladesh.

The Countries we work for admission and visa with honest global education consultant

It is your choice which country you will go. Your parents also your main decision maker. But off course we will help to decide through a good consultation. We will also tell you based on your profile which countries and univesities or colleges are better options for you. In that case we will take your financial support, English proficiency, results you obtained in previous education, your study gap and academic choice into review. Then we will provide you a list of universities with the details of programs, tuition fees, payment system, admission requirements and what are the main documents you need to prepare for student visa.

Our agency is working for most developed countries. We work for USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, France, Spain and many more in Europe. We also work for Russia, China, Malaysia, India, Singapore and Thailand. It has also collaborations with many reputed universities and colleges in Australia and New Zealand. If you like to study in Japan, Thailand or any other countries we are able to provide you the best support. For the country selection just do some homeworks or come to us for consultations.

Visit Our websites to know more about Global Study Consultancy

To know more about the Global Study Consultancy, please visit also our websites. We have two websites for global student consultants which are the and . If you like to know who are working in Global Study Consultancy firm, please visit this webpage:

You can also visit this link to know who are the persons are working for foreign education with Global Study Consultancy. Our office address is the Advanced Melinda, Level 2, 72 Malibagh, DIT Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The office number is +88-02222222715. The mobile number +8801784619792. You can also call us to WhatsApp number +8801710581006.

Reaching our office is easy. You can also arrive at this good location from any part of the city or country in your convenient. We are open from 9:30am to 7:00pm between Saturday and Thursday, We are closed on Fridays and any major public holidays. Sometime it is also possible to make an appointment on holidays on request. Our google map will show you the path how easy to find us and reach our office. Our google map is:

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