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Shafiqul Islam Jibon: Which are the best Canadian cities to study in Canada? The Global Study Consultancy is working for the best Canadian cities to study in Canada as Bangladeshi or another international student. It has collaboration with many reputed universities, colleges and high schools in most cities of Canada. But it can suggest you some best Canadian cities to study in that beautiful country.

Best Canadian Cities to Study in Canada

Some students prefer the best Canadian cities to study in Canada. Parents are also wanting their children to study in the cities where the opportunities and working facilities are available. Some of the students from Bangladesh also like to study in the locations where the temperature is comfortable. The Global Study Consultancy can suggest some of the best Canadian cities to study in Canada.

Montreal : One of the good Canadian Cities for international students

Montreal is a beautiful city of Canada. It has many good universities and colleges for higher studies. It is also a nice selection for students who intends to pursue higher studies in Canada. The city has been ranked as #9 as per the QS World Rankings. The city also came as the second choice in the ‘student view rank’ list. It indicates that why Montreal is amongst the best Canadian cities to study as Bangladeshi or international student.

However, Montreal could not be most affordable place, but considered as the best Canadian cities to study, live and work in Canada. The Global Study Consultancy can help you with the admission and study permit procedures to study in Montreal city of Canada. The Global Study Consultancy is working to enroll students at the McGill University, Concordia University and Montreal College of Information Technology and Polytechnique Montreal, etc.

Toronto: Best Canadian cities to study

Toronto is a famous city of the Ontario province of Canada. It is also the capital city of Ontario. The Global Study Consultancy is ready to help you to study in this most popular place in Canada. Most of the international students also like to study, work and live in Toronto. Being the capital of Ontario, Toronto ranks high amongst the best cities in Canada. The city is a famous location for Bangladeshi and other students. It is also called home of a good number of reputed universities, colleges and schools in Canada.

Toronto has also an extremely diverse culture. About fifty percent of the population belonging to minority communities of Toronto. Toronto also welcomes international students from all over the world. People in Toronto speak over 150 languages. We can tell you that Toronto is the one from best Canadian cities to study in Canada. The Global Study Consultancy can help you with the admission at University of Toronto, TAIE International Institute, York University, Ryerson University, etc.

Vancouver: Best Canadian cities to study

Among the best Canadian cities to study, next we can recommend about Vancouver of British Columbia. You will fall in love with its breathtaking landscapes, peaceful life and hospitable life.  Vancouver is located on the west coast of British Columbia province. It is also one of the most well-living places in the world. You will happy to know that Vancouver is home of technology giants Amazon, Google and Microsoft. English is also widely spoken in Vancouver. This helps international students to communicate with local people easily and get job and settlement.

You can study in Vancouver at Universities in Vancouver, University of British Columbia, Columbia College, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver Island University, University of Northern British Columbia, etc. The Global Study Consultancy would be happier to process your dream to study in Vancouver of Canada.

Ottawa: another best Canadian City to Study

Ottawa is our fourth choice as the best Canadian cities to study in Canada. It is well-known for its world-class educational system with expert members of faculties. This city also welcomes the international students from diversified cultures. Ottawa also hosts immigrants from most countries of the world. This city also offers a myriad of job facilities and a great standard of living with the job and many more.

Ottawa is also famous for its beautiful lakes. This city has also the biggest technology park in Canada. It offers thousands of jobs to international students. The Global Study Consultancy can help you with the admission at the University of Ottawa, Saint Paul University, Carleton University, Dominican University College and others.


Quebec is a great place of French-speaking. If you know or learning some French language, Quebec could be one of the best Canadian cities to study. It is considered the best city in Canada for students, who loves ancient architecture or European culture. The Quebec is also the second biggest cosmopolitan city of Canada with a large number of ethnic communities. The unemployment rate in Quebec is also the lower in Canada.

Are you interested to study in Quebec? The Global Study Consultancy can help you with the admission and visa to study at the University of Quebec, Champlain College, TELUQ University or Bart College.

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