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best agency for germany admission

Shafiqul Islam Jibon: Do you need the best agency for Germany admission in Bangladesh? We can provide yu some expert support with the universities admission in Germany. The Global Study Consultancy will also assist you with the German student visa.

Best Agency for Germany Admission in Bangladesh

The Global Study Consultancy is working to help Bangladeshi students to study in Germany. We are working since June 2013. We are also based in the Dhaka city of Bangladesh. Most of our students from Bangladesh. But we can also work for any international student from any part of the world. As we have long expeirnce in studying abroad long with Germany, we can assure you such honest and transparent consultancy to you.

Why should you study in Germany, we don’t need to explain more. You know the benefits and quality of education by German universities. In most areas of education, they have unique teaching and learing method. As Bangladeshi student you can also take the biggest opportunity to study without tuition fees in many programs. You just need to maintain a block account at German banks with the required money for first year.

You can also withdraw that money per month basis as you need to expenses for your accommoation, food and local transportations. The Global Study Consultancy is also working for most of the public universities in Germany.

Get your German student visa with the Best Agency for Germany admission

As the best agency for Germany admission in Bangladesh, the Global Study Consultancy is also committed to provide you the best assistance for your German student visa. We will simply your procedures as much as we can with our experise. You will also discover some creativity about the best application system for Germany universities admisson and visa. We will take into every single information that will improve the quality of your application to universities for admission and visa to the German embassy.

How to get preparation for German admissions

All German universities, specially the public universities stricktly follows the government rules and regulatios. They also maintain a straight forward deadlines to complete the admission procedures. So, you should make a research about the universities, courses, medium of instructions, fees matters, application system, documents requirements, etc. Once you have sharp ideas then you need to apply to the universities for acceptance.

Generally, their is centralized system called uni-assit to submit your applications to the universities. In this system, it is possible to submit many applications all together. Some universities are also not member of uni-assist. For that universities you need to use their self portal to apply for admission.

Some other important issues which are related with opening block account, medical and travel issurance, booking accommodation, preparing for visa application, etc. All the above procedures can take few months, depending for which session and how advance you applying.

The Global Study Consultancy can ease the procedures for you. You just need to assign us for your consultant to process German admission and visa to study in Germany. Germany is one of the largest and beautiful country in Europe. If you study in German universities, it is not the higher degree you are obtaining but also you are learing about the whole world. The Global Study Consultancy is proud to work as the best agency for Germany admission in Bangladesh.

Our websites, address and contact details

To know more about the Global Study Consultancy, you can visit our websites. Our websites links are and Its registred address is the Advanced Melinda, 72 Malibagh, DIT Road, Dhaka-1217, Bangladesh. The office phone number is +88-02-222222715. The Mobile number is +8801784619792. We are also using WhatsApp and its number is +8801710581006. You can also easily find us on google map and it will show the directions to reach our office. If you like to know who we are working in Global Study Consultancy, you can check them on this page: