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Shafiqul Islam Jibon: Apply to study in Canada with Global Study Consultancy. If you need an honest and transparent educational consulting agency in Bangladesh, we can provide the services you looking for.

Apply to Study in Canada with Global Study Consultancy

The Global Study Consultancy is a leading educational agency in Bangladesh. We are based in Dhaka city. Currently we have only one office. It does not have any branch. All operations run from the headquarter of Global Study Consultancy. The agency is working for Bangladeshi students to study abroad from June 2013. Since then, it has made collaborations with many reputed public and private universities, colleges and schools in Canada. The Global Study Consultancy is also working for other potential countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and other European countries, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

The students who want to study in China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Russia or Thailand, we can help with all required procedures. Among the European countries our consultants are also expert to help to study in Czech Republic, Portugal, Spain, France, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Netherlands, Estonia and others.

However, the Global Study Consultancy is very much specialized for Canadian education system. As we are closely working with many reputed universities in Canada, we can provide you the best support for applying to study in Canada. We know what to do to become a successful student in Canada. If you apply to study in Canada with Global Study Consultancy, that means we are going to take care for everything that you need to become successful student at Canadian schools.

Why study in Canada

No doubt, Canada is prime destinations of most Bangladeshi students. Every year thousands of Bangladeshi students are travelling to Canada for higher studies. The Global Study Consultancy is helping many students to study in Canada. We have collaborations with top universities and colleges in Canada. Our consulting agency is also assisting students who wants to study in Canada at schools. Suppose if you like to study in grade 11 or grade 12, you can study in Canada from Bangladesh in that grades after completion your Secondary School Certificate or O Levels in Bangladesh.

The Global Study Consultancy is also working as partner for many public and private secondary and elementary schools to study in Canada. You can also freely choice the university or school for higher studies in Canada from Bangladesh. We have ties with the universities, colleges and schools in most major cities of Canada.

Apply for Canadian universities admission with Global Study Consultancy

The Global Study Consultancy established in June 2013. Since then, it is working with fresh reputation. It can assure you and your parents about honesty and transparency. Our ethical values in education consultancy are also high. We never compromise our service standard with money. The Global Study Consultancy also never make or deal any type of financial contract to get benefits. So, you can trust us as consultants to study in Canada. We will help to make your best selections of the universities. Our expert consultants will also guide about the right courses. If you tell us your financial budget, we will try to match the affordable universities in your range.

Canada government is now providing some scholarships to Bangladeshi students. We can also assist you with the scholarship’s application procedures to study in Canada from Bangladesh with such funding support. Some Canadian universities and colleges also provide partial and full scholarships to good students. The consultants of Global Study Consultancy will try its best to use any single opportunity for you.

Taking Preparation for application to study in Canada

Apart of the procedures, first you need to prepare yourself as bonified student. The team of the Global Study Consultancy will help you about a better preparation. Once you decide for apply to study in Canada with us, we will review your personal profile. We will assess your academic documents and let you know how to get prepared for applying at Canadian universities. Our dedicated consultants will guide you for everything. They will also help you with the selection process. We know that sometime you may discuss about the available universities and courses. We will guide which universities and courses of studying may suites to your academic and career goal.

Our friendly educational consultants will also discuss about your financial budget. We will give you a list of universities in your financial range. The Global Study Consultancy is also working for many scholarships option. It could be from government or private organizational scholarships or such funding support from the universities themselves. We will tell you what to do about getting some scholarships.

Universities and Colleges to study in Canada

The Global Study Consultancy has collaborations with many universities to study in Canada. We are also working with some top ranked colleges in Canada. Among the universities you can apply to study in Canada with Global Stud Consultancy are the University of Torontothe University of Victoria, Queens University, the University of Waterloo, University of Windsor, University of Manitoba, Ryerson University, Algoma University, Brock University, University of Regina, McGill University, University of Alberta, McMaster University, York University, Thompson Rivers University, University of British Columbia, University of Fraser Valley, etc.

Beside of the universities, we are also working for admission at Seneca College, George Brown College, Humber College, Conestoga College, Centennial College, Algonquin College, etc.

Application to study in Canada from Bangladesh

Once you set your mind about the university and courses to apply to study in Canada. The Global Study Consultancy will help you with application procedures. We will submit your application to chosen universities. Most Canadian universities and colleges require the application fees. After submission your application to study in Canada, we will tell you to pay the application fees if needed. If you get difficulty to pay the fees online, the Global Study Consultancy will help you to settle the payment online.

After a few days or weeks, you may expect your offer letter. Generally, you may receive a conditional offer letter to meet any pending condition before getting the unconditional offer or acceptance letter. The letter of acceptance is vital document to apply for study permit to study in Canada. We will guide about meeting such condition with the universities to obtain your final offer letter or acceptance documents. In this case you may have to open student file or bank account to transfer your partial tuition fees as deposit to the universities. The size of the tuition fees deposit requirement depends on the universities you choose. However, a few of our partner universities in Canada does not take the advance tuition fees before visa. You can get more details about it once you decide to apply to study in Canada from Bangladesh with Global Study Consultancy.

Applying for Canada Study Permit

Once you obtain the acceptance letter from universities to study in Canada, the Global Study Consultancy will provide you a check list to arrange your documents. This is very crucial part of your application procedures to study in Canada, specially from Bangladesh. One thing you should keep in mind that any acceptance letter from universities does not guarantee for visa. The student visa or study permit is totally separate issue from the university. So, this is your obligation to prove as genuine and Bonafide student that you are going to Canada or any other countries for studying. The Global Study Consultancy will do the best to guide you with proper presentation with documents for your student visa or study permit. Our expertise will help you to arrange right documentations in perfect ways. We will also assist you with the visa interview if needed.

Biometrics, Medical test apart of study permit

Apart of the application procedures to study permit of Canada, as Bangladeshi student you must provide your biometrics. When and how to complete this important task, we will also guide. During the processing time of your study permit, you may have to provide your medical report to the Canadian immigration. The Global Study Consultancy will help you about this procedure in timely manner. If you like to apply to study in Canada with Global Study Consultancy, that means we are going to ease the system for your success. You will see our creative knowledge about a quality application to both universities and embassy of Canada. We have that expertise to help you with the best application procedures to study in Canada. You can also visit this website to know more details about studying and study permit procedures of Canada:

Why Global Study Consultancy to study in Canada?

Finding a good education consultant is also quite challenging now a days as many agencies are trying to serve the international students with attractive offers. But a student or their parents always should be careful to select the best consultant who can meet their expectation without any financial risk. The Global Study Consultancy never makes a financial contract or deal with any student. So, anyone can rely and feel comfort to take its counseling service to study abroad at desire universities or colleges in your chosen country.

The Global Study Consultancy is a reliable educational consulting agency in Bangladesh. We are based in the capital city of Dhaka. Our location is also in the very much heart of Dhaka city. It is very convenient to reach our office form any part of the city or country. However, your physical presence to our office is less important during the application to apply for study in Canada. But you may have to come to Dhaka once your application is ready for submission or if need to provide your biometrics to the VFS Canada. With our friendly communication system, you can complete your application procedures to universities without visiting our office. But we will feel glad to see you during our office time in your convenient if you like to meet us in person.

None of your original documents we hold

The Global Study Consultancy also does not hold any original documents. we also never deal the cash tuition fees between students and universities. All tuition fees you must transfer by bank. We will honestly guide about the payment system. Always you will get and honest and transparent support in every stage of the procedures. The Global Study Consultancy also never deal or make any type of financial contract with students or parents. Therefore, the reputation is growing up of Global Study Consultancy.

Other Countries that we also work

The Global Study Consultancy has also collaborations with many potential universities and colleges across the world. We work for most potential countries like USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Sweden and Finland. Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Portugal, Lithuania and Bulgaria. Hungary, Czech Republic, France along with other European countries and also the Australia. New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, China, India, Russia, are also good countries for our students..

If are you looking for the best educational agency for Canada admission service Bangladesh, then Global Study Consultancy can help with all the procedures for admission, visa, accommodation, etc. We can also help with the guidance for part time job, dependent or spouse visa. If you also like to change the university or program of studying, we can help. You can also get the support for extending of visa, permanent residency, settlement, etc.

Office, Address and Contact Details of Global Study Consultancy

The Global Study Consultancy is located in Dhaka as said. Our office at the Advanced Melinda, 72 Malibagh, DIT Road, Dhaka-1217, Bangladesh. Our office phone number is: +88-02-222222715. Mobile number is: +8801784619792. We are also using a WhatsApp number which is the +8801710581006. Please visit our websites to know more details of Global Study Consultancy. The websites links are and

We are with the AB Bank Ltd and Social Islamic Bank Ltd (SIBL). It is also at the same building of Advanced Melinda which is just opposite of the Fortune  Shopping Mall. Just within Mouchak Market area of Dhaka. You are welcome to meet with us in your convenient. We are open from Saturday to Thursday between 9:30am and 7:00pm. We are also closed on Fridays and major public holidays.