study abroad from Dhaka, Bangladesh

Study Abroad from Dhaka | Global Study Consultancy | Bangladesh

Study abroad from Dhaka, Bangladesh with Global Study Consultancy. The company is providing the best consultancy to international students. We support for  admission and study permit or student visa to study in good countries.

Study abroad from Dhaka, Bangladesh

Global Study Consultancy is the best study abroad from Dhaka agency in Bangladesh. If you like to study at overseas universities, we can help with the best admission and student visa service. We have direct collaborations with many famous universities in different countries. Our universities are both from the public and private sector.

Most of our students like to go for higher studies in developed countries. They prefer to go to the United States of America, Canada, UK, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Spain, France. We have also partnership with the universities in Russia, China, Malaysia, India, Singapore, Thailand, etc. If you like to study in Australia, New Zealand or Japan, we can also place you at their good universities to study abroad from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

How to reach Global Study Consultancy

Address location & contact info of Global Study Consultancy: Advanced Melinda (Level-2), 72 Malibagh, DIT Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Tel: +8801784619792, E-mail: It is very convenient to arrive at Global Study Consultancy from any part of Bangladesh.

Are you looking for the address and contact details of the Global Study Consultancy? We are located in the heart of Dhaka city of Bangladesh. you can easily come to us from any location of the city by all kind of transports. If you live in the city and like to come by your own car or Uber. You can set Global Study Consultancy in your destination point of GPRS system or on the Uber map. Just write Global Study Consultancy and the map will show more details with thr address. Then your GPRS system or the Uber map will give you directions to reach our office.

Google Map of Global Study Consultancy

You can get the google map of Global Study Consultancy here:

There are two commercial banks branches at our same building with the Global Study Consultancy. That banks are the AB Bank Ltd Malibagh branch and the SIBL Bank Ltd Malibag Branch. Global Study Consultancy is situated on the 2nd floor. The Udayan Coaching center is also just there on the same floor.

Telephone number and Email IDs of Global Study Consultancy

Office number of the Global Study Consultancy is +88-02-9356715, Mobile or Cell number is: +8801784619792. You can also reach us on WhatsApp number: +8801784619792. Our email ID’s:,

We have two websites which are: and

Study Abroad from Dhaka

To reach the Global Study Consultancy, please follow this directions. First you need to come to the Mouchak market circle of Malibagh. There is also  mega shopping mall which is the Fortune Shopping Mall in front of the Mouchak market. We are just opposite of the Fortune Shopping Mall. If you look around the towers, sudden you will see a modern and beautiful tower. Most of the part of the tower is orange colored and you will see our name plate with the logo of Global Study Consultancy.

Hope this post will help you to reach our office easily and smoothly.