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Are you looking for the best and honest agency for going to study overseas from Bangladesh? We are recommending the Global Study Consultancy to process your overseas admission now. It is also expert to provide you the best consultancy to process your study permit or student visa. The company is working as the visa officers works.

We review the supporting documents as they way to look into the materials. So you can get the best guidelines to prepare your required documentations. Our company provides the best suggestions about visa interview. We can also give you list of possible questions and answers between you and the visa officer the for respective embassies.

Global Study Consultancy has also wide knowledge about the world education system. The organization is expert in the student immigration policies of major countries. Our company always updates with the new changes. We also like to do research and study. So we can provide you the best counselling services to study overseas from Bangladesh.

Countries and universities we represent

Global Study Consultancy has collaborations with many reputed universities around the world. If you like for going to study overseas from Bangladesh, we can also assist with the best admission and visa in your choice. We work for most developed countries. We are working for admission and visas for the United States of America and Canada in North America. Other side we are working for the universities in he UK, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Spain and France. You can also take our support for Portugal, Hungary, Lithuania. Czech Republic, Estonia, Russia and Bulgaria are also good destinations of our students.

Global Study Consultancy is also working for the universities in Australia and New Zealand. Other side you can also get our assistance to study in China and Malaysia. India, Singapore, Thailand and Japan are also within our system. We give priority on students choice. So you can also take our services for any country in your own choice.

Location and Address of Global Study Consultancy

Global Study Consultancy is situated in the heart of Dhaka city of Bangladesh. The office address is the Advanced Melinda (Level-2) of 72 Malibagh, DIT Road in Dhaka-1217 of Bangladesh. It is very easy and convenient to reach our office from any part of the country. You can also use all the local transports to come and return from our office. You can call us at our office telephone numbers. Our phone numbers are +88-02-9356715 (Office) and +8801784619792 (Cell).

Would you like to know more details about Global Study Consultancy? Please visit our websites: and Our office remains open from Saturday to Thursday. We operate our office between 9:30 and to 7:00pm. It is closed on Fridays and major public holidays. It is also possible to arrange appointments on holidays if anything urgent. Do you you use the WhatsApp number? Then you can also contact us via this option +8801710581006. Contacting over the WhatsApp, we will request you to send a short note regarding your queries first. We hope that you will enjoy our friendly and gentle communications.

If you really need the support for your overseas admission and visa, then please contact with the Global Study Consultancy now!