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study in switzerland from bangladesh

The universities in Switzerland are highly regarded around the world as the students are confident the opportunity to study in Switzerland that play an important role in their future career.

There are many scholarship opportunities for international students. The cost of a Swiss education is significantly lower than many of the country’s European counterparts. While the low tuition fees alone are enough to entice potential students, throw in generous government- and university-sponsored scholarships, and Switzerland becomes an attractive destination to study.

With not one, not two, but FOUR native languages including French, German, Italian and Romansh, Switzerland offers multilingualism like no other. Students have the opportunity to hone current language skills or learn something completely new.

The excellent Swiss MBA is worldly renowed. Speaking of business programs, as a European business hub Switzerland is home to some of the world’s best business minds - particularly in the fields of hospitality, banking, pharmaceuticals and chemicals - making it a premiere place to learn and work. The country is committed to investing in both education and research; for this reason, many multinational corporations are headquartered here. In fact, 15 Fortune 500 companies call Switzerland home.

There’s no better place to develop foreign language skills for business thanks to endless practicing opportunities. There are plenty of chances to learn non-Swiss languages, too, due to the breadth and depth of the international student population. While most undergraduate programs are taught in German, French and Italian, Master’s programs offer a multitude of English courses. That said, English is widely understood and some programs are even taught entirely in English. Additionally, the cross-cultural management skills fostered in this global setting are highly desirable in the 21st century workplace.

If you want to study in beautiful Switzerland, Global Study Consultancy will be always with you to assist for whole admission and visa and until you arrive in Switzerland.



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