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study in france from bangladesh

As an international student in France, you will often have priority on the cheaper university housing that can be hard to get in some other countries. But the French government offers a large percentage of the costs of studying at any of the public universities in France, keeping tuition low in comparison to the quality of the education that could be the major advantage to study in France.

However, the cost of studying in France ranges dramatically depending on the institution. Public universities offer pleasingly low tuition fees, while private institutions cost some more. Still, compared to countries like the U.S. and the U.K., the cost of attending one of France’s premiere institutes of higher education is lower. Not to mention the wealth of scholarships available for international students, which makes France a realistic destination even for those on the tightest budgets.

France is the most popular non-English speaking destination for international students in the world, and the fourth most popular country of foreign students after the USA, UK and Australia. A thousand-year academic history of excellence, an on-going national commitment to higher education and an unparalleled linguistic and cultural tradition are some of the reasons international students study in France and for its enduring popularity as a place of study.

Beside of studying, you can easily learn French language to pick up because of its lexical similarity to English, a significant portion of French vocabulary can be understood by the English speaker; in fact, linguists believe that up to a third of modern English has been influenced by French.

France shares the European LMD degree system - License (6 Semesters, 180 ECTS, similar to a US Bachelors), Master (10 Semesters, 300 ECTS) and Doctorate (16 Semesters) - with credits accumulating and transferring under the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS).

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