Study Abroad Students for Coronavirus

Study Abroad Students for Coronavirus | Global Study Consultancy

Shafiqul Islam Jibon: Are you afraid as study abroad students for coronavirus? Global Study Consultancy is ready to provide you the best advice to overcome the situation. You can get some tips and suggestions what to do at this critical epidemic condition of the world.

Study Abroad Students for Coronavirus

The world is now passing a very critical time with the epidemic of coronavirus. Most developed countries are now affected. The number of new countries and patients are also getting robust. So it is vastly affecting the study abroad students for coronabvirus. The parents are also worried about sending their children to abroad for studying. The students who already in coronavirus affected countries are getting panic. They are also trying to come back home or getting shelter in safest places. This situation is controlling their day to day life. Their future education is in limbo. The schools are remaining closed and they cannot say whats is exactly going on.

The over all situation of the corona-virus has created an uncertainty about the world education system and students mobility. In this perspective students are advised to be very careful about taking the right decision. They should appoint really honest and genuine consultant so that they can get proper guidance about planning to study abroad.

If you need some guidance as study abroad students for coronavirus Global Study Consultancy can help with the best suggestions. We can try to guide about the selection of the countries where you can study. If you are planning to study abroad now we strongly suggest to take the right decision to study abroad students for coronavirus. Global Study Consultancy is ready to help about this.

About the Global Study Consultancy

Global Study Consultancy is working for international students from June 2013 in Bangladesh. We are based in Dhaka. But we can also help students from any other countries of the world. You just need to be efficient to communicate through the email. Some time you can reach us by telephone, Whatsapp, Skype or Facebook. However, we are especially serving the students from Bangladesh. But you can take our service from any part of the world. We are honest and transparent. We maintain a higher standard of ethical values in our service.

Global Study Consultancy has collaborations with many good universities in Europe. Most of our universities are public. It has also tie up with some top ranked private universities in different countries. We are also working for the universities in the UK, Germany and Sweden. You can also get our service to study in Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Spain and France. We are also working with the universities in Portugal, Hungary or Lithuania. Other side you can also get our services to study abroad in Austria, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Georgia and Russia.

Beside of European universities, we are also working for other countries like the U.S.A. and Canada in North America. Other side we work for Australia and New Zealand. We are also working with the universities in Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and China. So if you really like to study in Europe or any other country from Bangladesh please contact us now. We will feel pleasure to assist you. Our company is committed to provide the best consultation for the study abroad students for coronavirus. We will do our best so that you can become a successful student in overseas.

Global Study Consultancy’s Office Address

We are located in the heart of Dhaka city of Bangladesh. Our office address is `Advanced Melinda (Level-2), 72 Malibagh, DIT Road, Dhaka-1217, Bangladesh. It is very easy to reach our office from any part of the city. Our office phone number is +88-02-9356715. In addition, you can also call us to this cell phone number: +8801784619792. You can also contact us through this WhatsApp number: +8801710581006

Global Study Consultancy remains open from Saturday to Thursday between 7:30am to 7:00pm. We remain closed on Fridays and any major public holidays. But it is also possible to manage your appointments on holidays on request. To know more details of Global Study Consultancy, please visit our websites:,