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Global Study Consultancy is the best foreign education consultancy firm in Bangladesh. It has collaboration with many reputed universities in potential countries of the world including the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, China, Russia, Estonia, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Spain, Italy, France, Bulgaria, and others. We prefer the students and parents choice in the selection process from the countries. So are able to help with the admission and visa procedures at any university from different countries of the world. Global Study Consultancy is the best study abroad agency in Bangladesh.

Why Global Study Consultancy?

Global Study Consultancy is honest and transparent to any student. If you like to study abroad from bangladesh or elsewhere of the world, then Global Study Consultancy is the proper platform to start your overseas admission and visa procedures now. We never deals a makes any type of financial contract to take it's service in the whole process of study abroad admission and visa procedures. We have updated knowledge about the education and student visa system of the respective countries. We seriously maintain our ethical values in every stage during working with the students and their parents. We would never compromise this values. We always remain alert to protect our reputation or good will for our sustainable presence in the education consultancy world.

Any student can rely us about the whole process as we feel the student's success is our victory. So we try to serve the best education consultancy to international students in the main areas of consultancy like university and course selection, how to prepare for the admission requirements with proper documents, applying for admission, arranging the university acceptance letter or student visa documents, prepare with the correct documentations for visa, applying for visa, arranging the on-campus or off campus accommodation, airport pick-up, etc. Even we assist with the counsling for part time student job during studying, changing the current university or courses, what to do after completion of studies, extending of student visa, applying for post study work or settlement, etc. So, you can get a complete counseling for your future life or career.

Global Study Consultancy is also worrking for the spouse visa, dependent visa or family visa to potential countries from Bangladesh.

You can get basic ideas about selection of the countries from the useful links of this page. To know more please feel free to contact us now. Global Study Consultancy is the best platform to study abroad from Bangladesh or else where as Global Study Consultancy is able to assist students with the best study abroad admission from Bangladesh any part of the world.



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