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Shafiqul Islam Jibon: The world is passing a bad time for coronavirus outbreak around the world. Now it is declared as pandemic by the World Health Organization. Most countries are affected. The Global Study Consultancy can share some ideas about students activity during coronavirus.

Students Activity During Coronavirus

students activity during coronavirusYou know many international students are also affected by coronavirus pandemic. Parents are also worried. They cannot take decision what to do now during this pandemic situation. Some developed countries like Canada already closed their borders. The students does not know what actually is going to happen in near future. But we hope everything will be normal in time. The flights will be flying in the sky again. The campuses will get back their lives. We expect this situation is temporary and international students will regain their confidence again. So you can think some good students activity during coronavirus pandemic of the world.

Many students now staying in home. Even some of our students obtained the student visa or study permit to study abroad. But they cannot travel or don’t like to travel now due to the coronavirus. So what they can do now? Many of my students ask me this question.

Well! I think the best activity should be the things to do about personal safety and health. First you should focus on local rules and regulations imposed by the government and health departments. All students must follow the instructions about movement. Attending in any mass gathering, shaking hands with people, eating out, going to dance party or club should avoid.

Best activity during this pandemic

The best students activity during coronabirus could be practicing some good English. You are staying in home that means you have plenty of time to do some good works in home. As you are planning to study abroad you should learn English and some basic communication skills in the country’s national language. Suppose if you are going to Germany for higher studies. So it will be good idea to learning German language beside of practicing some good English.

You can also do some research on the country you are going to study. We cans also suggest you to study on their local history, economy, culture, education system, immigration rules, weather, etc. You can also see some movies and documentaries on that country. It will help you a lot to adjust yourself with the new environment. Sometime you may face some interview with visa officers. If you have some research work on the country you will freely answer the visa officer’s questions. They will also feel happy and get positive impression about visa.

I suggest you also study some basic things about the subject you are going to study. You can also try to get some contacts of some students of the particular country and university. You can make some conversations with them on their facebook, LinkedIn or other social networking platforms. It will also improve your English and inter personal skill. You will also gain some confidence. You can also practice on writing skill.

Take care of yourself could also a good students activity

If you are physically sound. That means you are able to do some good works as I mentioned. But at the same time you should be careful about your personal health and hygiene as I already mentioned. You should also take care of others in your family. A good student always is very caring to family’s members especially who are young and vulnerable. You know some sick and older people always depends on young students in a family. So feel the responsiblity what should be the good students activity during coronavius pandemic in your family. This time to justify the level of ethical values as student. This is the most appreciate time to know how much sympathetic and responsible to your family members.

However, we also suggest to keep in touch with the Global Study Consultancy during staying in home. So you can get some ideas about future study plan or something else. We can also provide you some alternative solutions about which countries and the universities now you can think to study. If you like to know more about Global Study Consultancy please visit our websites: and You can also fill this contact us form if you have some questions about students activity during coronabirus or something else.