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Shafiqul Islam Jibon: Global Study Consultancy is providing the best services for learning abroad from Bangladesh. We can help with the best admission and visa support to study in most potential countries of the world. Please contact us now for more details.

Learning Abroad from Bangladesh

learning abroad from BangladeshAre you planning for learning abroad from Bangladesh? Global Study Consultancy has collaborations with reputed universities, colleges and institutions in different countries. As student you are safe. As parents you are also safe with us for the services. We never deal or make any type of financial contract to get benefits. Every single money matter settles with honesty and transparency. You will know what is the actual application fees to universities and how to pay. The university will also know and get your personal all contact details so that they can directly contact you during applying. You will also get all contact details of the person is dealing your application of the university. We will guide for everything until you safely and smoothly arrive at the campus.

The university will mention about the tuition fees, any deposit requirement for tuition and accommodation on the offer letter. So you will only follow the instructions that was mentioned on your acceptance of studies. If there is any deposit requirement we will guide about opening a bank account or student file at local commercial banks. The account you can use to transfer your money to university account. So it is clear that all money issues will be settle between you and the university. Even for the embassy fees, medical check up, buying your insurance, etc that will be also settled of your own. We will just provide you the best counseling or advice time to time. I think the money is the main issue to know a consultant how much he is honest and transparent.

Global Study Consultancy – best for learning abroad from Bangladesh

The Global Study Consultancy will ease your procedures and it will not hide any information between you, the university and the embassy issues. Always you will get a timely and actual information that will matter to your success as international student. You will work like a team member. It will enhance your confidence and knowledge about the overseas education and immigration procedures. So Global Study Consultancy will work as your best platform for your learning abroad from Bangladesh.

To know more about Global Study Consultancy- you should come to us and justify how we work for dedicated international students. We have the knowledge about the changes of world education system. We love to make research and study in education. So we can suggest you the best option as per your personal academic profile and career or future goals. Global Study Consultancy can give you a fresh idea what universities, countries and the courses will best suite to your profile.

Best Consultancy for Student Visa

You will also get the best support to process your student visa or study permit to study abroad. We have also updated knowledge about the changes in immigration or student visa rules of different countries. You will get better suggestions about preparing your visa documentations. It provides you the best tips about visa interview. We will assess your financial documents so that you can prepare the best application to embassies. We know what creativity should you input in your application materials. So that a visa officer can get positive impression on your application.

Where we located:

The Global Study Consultancy is also the best consulting agency in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is helping the students for their learning abroad from Bangladesh. The agency is working as authorized agent or representative of many reputed universities in many countries. We have collaborations with the universities in the United States. As well as we also work for Canada, UK, Germany and Switzerland. Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Spain and France also we represent. We have also ties with the universities in Finland, Estonia, Russia, Portugal, Hungary, Lithuania, Czech Republic, etc.

As the best agency to study abroad we also can help you with the admission and visa procedures to Australia and New Zealand. We are also representing some good universities in China, Malaysia, India, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and South Korea.

About the Global Study Consultancy

We never work on contract basis. So you can get an honest and transparent service from us. We will never make or contract any type of financial benefits. We follow an ethical standard in every step during working procedures with the students. You can rely us. You will also find as friendly and educated. We have wide knowledge about the world’s education system. We are also able to provide you the best guidance for student visa or study permit for learning abroad from Bangladesh.

Our Office address:

The Global Study Consultancy is also located in prime places of Dhaka. Our office address is the Advanced Melinda (Level-2), 72 Malibagh, DIT Road, Dhaka-1217 of Bangladesh. It is just within the Mouchak market circle area. The office is just in front of the Fortune Shopping Mall within the circle. There are also two commercial banks with the same building with us. The banks are the AB Bank Ltd and the SIBL Bank Ltd.

Do you like to know more about Global Study Consultancy? Please visit any of our two websites. The website links are www.gscl.com.bd and www.globalstudyconsultancy.com.bd. You can also contact us by filling this contact form