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Find a good consultant in Bangladesh. It is challenging, but easy. If you justify some simple things with some consultants, you can get ideas about it.

Shafiqul Islam Jibon: Firstly, you should make a short list of some consultants. Then you need to arrange your appointments with one by one. You should also get some preparation and do some home works about your discussions. If you don’t have basic ideas about what are you going to talk with the consultants, some how you could be misguided. Some one also can take the opportunity to give you wrong information to grab your money. This is not my professional jealous. This is the fact in so called practice in education consultancy in Bangladesh. I have learned and got the experience as international student, not a consultant.

Before getting involve in education counseling service, I was an student in London of the United Kingdom for many years. So I had to search and look for some information from many consultants in Bangladesh. During the meeting, I observed mostly hungry for money and maximum have no minimum knowledge about the consultancy system.

Find Good Consultant in Bangladesh

However, the experience could be vary case to case and at least some knowledge about overseas education, admission and visa system. If you have some home work about the basic requirements and procedures to study abroad, then it will be easy to discuss and get ideas about the meeting with your consultants. So firstly try to know about the country you like to go for higher studies. Get some updated information about the university you prefer, their tuition fees, application fees, other requirements for admission, immigration policies, etc.

Money is vital issues education consultancy in Bangladesh

A student get ideas about an honest and transparent consultant in may ways. Today I will talk about the one most vital way, which is the financial issues. Every student or parent should firstly focus to know how their consultant is dealing the money. In education consultancy, money is part of discussion just to gather information about the cost to universities. But it should not be the transaction or settled with the consultants to bear the cost to the universities. A consultant’s main job is to provide the true, timely and accurate information to the students.

The information about the countries, their education system, tuition fees, application fees, payment system and procedures, refund policy, admission requirements, supporting documents, visa procedures, etc. So that they can take the right decision at right time. Through this counseling the students will gain some fresh knowledge and confidence. But if they get some wrong information and misguided from the consultants especially about the money, it could be adversely impacted their life.

Suppose if you know the tuition and application fees of an university, none of the consultants can demand extra some extra money in the name of application fees or something else. Medical insurance, health test generally not required for some countries before getting the visa, but some consultants can ask money to do these before visa. So you should know about this.

Service Charge for a study abroad consultant

Consultants can take some service charge for their hard work. But except this service charge, they should not get involve with any other type of financial issues with the students. So, my most vital point or the suggestion is, firstly talk about the money issues with the consultants. Then try to observe how they react and what information they are sharing. Keep notes of all that financial information to justify with others. Try to understand if the consultant works on any financial contract basis.

So called package or contractual system is the damaging for education counseling service in Bangladesh. With this system, a student or their parents don’t know what money actually needed to process their admission and visa. All money matters should be dealt with honest and transparent procedures. A student should actively know when and how the money is utilizing between the consultants, universities, embassies, medical centers, insurance companies, etc.

Students should settle any kind of money of their own with the time to time instructions from the consultants. Consultants should never deal or handle money of their own. Suppose, most embassies in Bangladesh either receives the visa fees during submission in cash or by their local bank accounts. So the students or the parents will be advised to follow that procedures. Now if a consultant take the money to pay to the embassy or embassy’s bank account, that should not be practiced.

Find a good consultant in Bangladesh : How about Global Study Consultancy

Global Study Consultancy is very serious to maintain it’s ethical values, honesty and transparency. It never deal or make any type of financial contract with students. Anyone can take it’s support with just a small service charge. With this a student can get all required support for admission, visa, accommodation, airport pick up as they need to be settled as successful student in overseas countries.

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