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Welcome to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section! You can have a look and get ideas through your mind about what we can do and what we are unable to do in this page!

Q1: What is GSCL?
GSCL stands for the Global Study Consultancy (Pvt. Ltd), which is the best study abroad consultancy agency in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It helps the students to complete necessary admission and visa or immigration process with an honest and transparent procedures to their desire universities, colleges and professional bodies. We are expert in higher study in foreign countries for Bangladeshi students and their visas to any potential country from Bangladesh. If you really have some overseas educational dreams, we advice you to study abroad with Global Study Consultancy. It can help you to find the best options for your needs.

Q2: Where is the location are we situated?
We are, the GSCL is located in a prime location of the Dhaka city capital. You can see our details contact information from the contact us section.

Q3: Has GSCL any branch office in Bangladesh or country abroad?
No. We do not have any other or second branch office in Bangladesh or abroad. We have some reliable education consultants in different countries who works for us. If we appoint any new consultant or agent we will display their photo and name in About Us section of this website so that our clients can know who we are working with. Except the people we are showing in our site are not allowed to deal any financial transactions for Global Study Consultancy.

Q4: What are the countries the GSCL process for student visa?
GSCL is able to process student visa for any potential country of the world except the countries in restricted list to travel according to policy of Department of Immigration and Passport of Bangladesh government.

Q5: GSCL can provide immigration assistance to students and other their family members, spouses to to travel foreign countries in different immigration roots?
Yes! GSCL team are also expert in immigration policies or rules of different countries so that our students can get the best education consultancy to study abroad and obtaining the required student visa from respective country.

Q6: Do we deal any third party transaction?
No. We do not deal any third party financial transactions, such as dealing with the tuition fees of universities, embassy fees etc. We just charge a small fees for our counseling service.

Q7: How much money we charge for counselling service?
Normally we do not charge fees if we have an agreement with the university that the student is going to study. But we ask for a small donation for the assessment, research, guiding about proper documentations for admission and visa procedures from Bangladesh, finding scholarships etc.

Q8: Do we hold any original documents such as passport or other kind of vital documents with us?
No. We do not have right to hold any original documents from the students. However, our team member can ask to show the documents for verification as per the instructions from university. Generally, we may ask students to submit the certified true copies from the authorized body like Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education etc. Otherwise, scan copies should be fine for the admission process.

Q9: Do we have any agent to deal our fees?
No. We do not have any agent to deal or collect our fees. Even we do not accept any mediator to deal our transaction.

Q10: What is IELTS and why should I require it?
IELTSis the International English Language Testing System to examine your English proficiency level in its mandatory components-Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening. Recognized universities may ask you IELTS certificate that you are capable to enroll in a particular course. Similarly the respective high commission, embassy may see that you have minimum ability in English proficiency to study, live and work in their countries. IELTS also builds up confidence of a student. It gives you confidence and success in life.

Q11: Who is the IELTS certificate provider?
The University of Cambridge. If you want to take the IELTS test, you need to register with the Dhaka British Council, which is located within the Dhaka University campus.

Q12: How GSCL can help for the IELTS?
GSCL can help you for the registration with the British Council. We can also guide abbout preparation of IELTS exam.

Q13: Can I obtain student visa without IELTS?
It depends on the country and their admission and immigration policies. Generally, you need to demonstrate that you have required knowledge about English. Some universities can give you conditional offer for a pre-language course after arrival at the university. But the respective visa officer may refuse your application if you cannot convince that you have good command in English.

Q14: GSCL can give you any guarantee for visa?
No. None can give you such guarantee for visa as the decision totally depends on the visa officers. It is also unethical to talk abut visa outcome being your educational consultant.

Q15: How GSCL can help to file proper documents to obtain visa?
GSCL is expert to help you with the proper documents for visa application. We check the required documents for several times before submission. We can guide you about presentation or interview with visa officer. We can give you ideas about possible questions and answers between the visa officers and you.

Q16: How long takes to obtain a student visa for a country?
Time of student visa processing from Bangladesh depends on the respective immigration department. Generally, it takes ten working days to several weeks after submission to the respective immigration departments.


GSCL is creative and dynamic. We never compromises with quality and honesty. A student can get a complete counselling service with 100% transparency. We have a vision. So, we check our reputation.


You come to GSCL office. We will let you know whether you are eligible and what should you need to do. In a friendly discussion we will give you a clear overview about your possibility. We will help with selection process for university and course. We will take into account of your all relevant matters like passport, funds, family supports, academic qualifications, future plan, criminal records etc. If we are satisfied, we will proceed to next step.

University/College & Course Selection

GSCL will help to find the right university and select the program of studying.

Registration & Admission

If the Global Study Consultancy is satisfied with the stage-1 & 2, it would see the student is ready with required documents for admission. At this state, we will do everything for the admission and collect all required documents including the offer letters from the university. We will also guide of the student needs to open a bank account, paying admission or depositing tuition fees to the university.

Offer Letter and Visa

GSCL will assist the student that all required documents are in hands to apply for visa. We will organize the documents in an order that a visa officer wants to see. We will give a professional touch in every part of documentations. We will focus on presentation and possible interview tips. We would also try to improve confidence and leadership skill that also matters to get success. We will also keep close contact with the foreign school if everything is taking into place within the time planning. University commencement date and the submission of visa application is important for students.

Pre-Departure Tips

You obtained the student visa and ready to travel. We are ready to provide required tips for travelling in a new country. We will give you What to do and not to do advice so that you can get confident to adjust with new culture and society. We will tell you about immigration formalities about the country. We will guide how to find suitable accommodation, part time job etc. On your demand, we can arrange your accommodation before travelling.

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